Your Testimony Is Your Empowerment

I know that we all face many different challenges that may make it feel like our world is coming to an end but I am here to tell you that it is not! Use those challenges to be fuel for your self empowerment. It was a time when I was unmotivated, not focused and all over the place and many moments when I didn’t know wether I was coming or going, but I cried out to God and asked him to guide my footsteps and create a new path for me because I was so tired of going around and around not accomplishing nothing or not knowing my purpose. And every challenged has turned around for my good because it became apart of my testimony that I get to share with other women who I know can relate. Don’t think that no one doesn’t want to hear your testimony on how you overcame!! I’m here to tell you that someone out there is waiting and wanting to hear your testimony, don’t be ashamed and nobody is perfect but through our Father God eyes we are perfect and he loves us! So know that your story needs to heard and your testimony needs to be known. Whatever your testimony is tell it and be empowered by it and know that it will empower someone else. I can guarantee you that there is someone waiting to hear that challenge you been through and how you overcame.